ELP Visit: Chief Medical Director, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital


Prof. Fabamwo has been a soft-spoken, calm voice of help; at the instances where Environmental Lagos Platform had called on him for assuagement for Lagosians that needed that extra help on some medical issues.

Meeting him, amidst the passion for and dedication to an institution he has been part of from the beginning; his delivery and awareness of the job-demands sparkle, and you are reminded of the value placed in that title; Professor.

It does not come easy. Neither was the route taken by the tertiary hospital he heads, on its way to securing a deserved high perch in the medical placement in Nigeria.

There had been talks of power outages, inadequate bed spaces, etc, just as there had been news of epochal feats.

In making Lagos better; ELP was interested in both and the visit was very important.
We had to meet LASUTH.

After a warm welcome from the LASUTH management, the CMD took us into the history of the cottage hospital in the 1940s that became a general hospital, and transformed into a tertiary hospital in 2001 (upon the establishment of a college of medicine in 1999).

Prof. was the pioneer director of clinical services then, and when he was appointed in 2019 (after a competitive selection process) as the CMD, LASUTH, it was a case of the right man at the right place.

With support from the government, present-day LASUTH is aimed at improving medical tourism to Lagos State; by driving itself on the need to have first-class experts.

This capacity building has seen the hospital train 120 workers on basic life support.

They have also looked at the provision in their edict to start major training schools for support staff.
These cover schools for anesthetics technicians, orthopaedic/POP technicians, echocardiography technicians, a school for health administration and management and an academy for caregivers.

As a care-based facility, LASUTH has made provision for conveyance of the elderly and PLWDs from the gate.

Feedback is also key, with an opinionometer installed and data ensuing from it analyzed at management meetings; spanning hours every Monday.

Commendable progress grounds are;
An IVF unit that has produced about 350 babies.
Kidney transplants done totally by local staff.
Cochlear implant to cure deafness.
Kidney stone treatment, via a machine that can break stones in the body.
A lab for interventional cardiology, with 300 procedures since 2022.
An ultramodern stroke unit manned by 5 top neurologists, including a professor.
An emergency medical department (LASUTH is just the 2nd public hospital, alongside UCH, to be accredited for this).
3 sessions of endoscopy a week.
A critical care unit and an intensive care unit (touted presently as the cheapest in sub-Saharan Africa).
Microvascular surgery.
Regular open-heart surgery; performed without expatriates, and buoyed by goodwill gestures from individuals and organizations (with a procedure costing about 5 million Naira). As part of his support, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has pledged to sponsor 50 treatments.

Concerned people have also made commitments and support that would deliver;
A paediatric oncology centre.
A paediatric sickle-cell centre.
An eye clinic extension (a 4-storey building).

On challenges, the power issue was attributed to the erratic supply from IPP. This is being supported by the 9 generators in the hospital’s premises, but the fuel consumption could not make them a replacement for the days when there was no supply from IPP.

The management also said no hospital should go back to the dark ages of putting people on the floor for treatment, thus when the spaces are filled up, they cannot take more patients.
We looked at the situation where a tertiary hospital should not be an all-comers affair. This was upheld, that with the 28 general hospitals in Lagos, a tertiary hospital like LASUTH should be on referral, but the good works of the hospital and the teeming demands of Lagosians for healthcare draw them to LASUTH.

Respite for this; is the gesture of individuals and organizations yielding the construction of 100 bed spaces, 6 residential suites for patients and 40 spaces for relations that want to stay to monitor progress of patients.

There is a lot to be done, and ELP declared its availability for support.
In his 2nd term as CMD; Prof. Adetokunbo Fabamwo and his team are pushing the frontier for medical excellence, we spurred them on with the ELP drape on his deserving shoulders…

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