The naira abuse palaver

There is no dispute that Naira abuse, or more specifically, the act of spraying money at social events, has become an acceptable norm or cultural practice in Nigeria. Nigerians have a cultural affinity for lavish social gatherings. Many people regard these occasions as a means of displaying social status and wealth. Spraying Naira notes and […]

INTERVIEW: Anyone guilty of data breach can be jailed for up to 3 years, says CEO of NDPC

Vincent Olatunji, the chief executive officer of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), in this interview with TheCable’s YEKEEN AKINWALE and CLAIRE MOM, says the federal government is ready to jail anyone responsible for data breach in any organisation. He said the CEOs of such organisations risk between six months to three years in prison for […]

Subsidising religious pilgrimage, irresponsible

AMIDST the escalating cost-of-living crisis that has made basic food items unaffordable to millions of Nigerians, it is economic irresponsibility for lawmakers to demand that the Nigerian government spend state funds to subsidise religious pilgrimages. With the naira depreciating daily and is near the N2,000 per $1 point, the national debt stock at N87.9 trillion […]

‘No Gree For Anybody,’ A Positive Rallying Cry Of Nigerian Youths

by Ray Morphy As last year was ending, the youth of Nigeria began adopting for the coming new year, a slogan: “No gree for anybody!” The slogan represented their aspirations for a new Nigeria that progressive, accountable and responsive to the demands and needs of modern nationhood. They had apparently surveyed the past few years and […]

NURTW Mafia In Lagos

By Cheta Nwanze There was a tweet that drew attention on the Nigerian section of Twitter recently because it had a young Nigerian, Vincent Adeoba, former Co-founder and CEO of a transport tech startup, Transtura, describing his experience in setting up a startup in Lagos and how he encountered unforeseen challenges and the pervasive grip […]

How Transport unions deface commercial vehicles, endanger commuters

The two wiper blades of the commercial bus Tajudeen Onileola drives are gone. Also, one of the vehicle’s side mirrors has disappeared. According to Tajudeen, who plies the Mile 2-Oshodi route, his vehicle’s parts did not disappear deliberately. He has, however, not bothered to replace them. On why he has not done so, he told […]

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