Do you know there is a fencing permit?
Do you know that fixing portions of a leaking roof requires approval?
How aware are you of the difference in remodeling and renovation?

These and many more were the issues the LASBCA-ELP INTERACTIVE SESSION shed light on.
The Arc. Gbolahan Oki-led Lagos State Building Control Agency has been a champion of interactive engagement, and acting further on this administration’s determination to bring effective governance closer to the people, it convened an interactive session with Environmental Lagos Platform on the 2nd of May, 2024

An audience of ELP delegation, citizens that had pertinent issues, relevant stakeholders and staff of LASBCA; were treated to a robust presentation on the essence and works of the agency and the plans of Lagos State Government for the built environment.

Questions were treated and the General Manager, LASBCA gave a good treatise; in proffering answers/solutions.
He explained how the government has established district offices across the 57 LGAs and LCDAs, which serve as the first points of call for enquiries and beginning of approval processes.

The new LASBCA office was not built for aesthetics only, it was built in order to allow their teeming staff to deliver their level of professionalism in serving Lagosians. Some of their activities have reflected in the use of technology, especially the scan code to be affixed to buildings. This will allow people to know the stage of each building in its approval process. It would also allow community action on illegal development inimical to the growth of that community.

The session showed the synergy of the MDAs in the built sector, and how that synergy would not be complete if the citizens of the state are not playing their part.
This includes taking lawfully-right approaches to building, eschewing patronage of inept proxies, keying to safety procedures; with emphasis on preventing harm to neighbours, and alerting the authorities on illegal development or seeking clarification when building is ongoing.

For going to length to host such a progressive event that led to more wins for the people and government, and for past efforts in making Lagos better, ELP presented a certificate of appreciation to Arc. Gbolahan Oki and wished the entire agency well.

This session has shown the need for engagement and the resultant impact it would have in state-building.
There is a Greater Lagos on the horizon…

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Gabriel Akhimien
Gabriel Akhimien
1 month ago

Enlightening, ignorance is not an excuse in breaking the law. Thank you

Yaya Babatunde (AngelTunde)
Yaya Babatunde (AngelTunde)
1 month ago

Once again let me use this opportunity to thank the *GM LASBCA, Ach. Gbolahan Oki* and his management team together with the staffs on the *LASBCA-ELP INTERACTIVE SESSION held on Thursday 2nd May, 2024.*

The presentation and topic for discussion was so perfect as it relates to building approvals, illegal buildings and others.

A lot was learnt and it’s good to be informed so as not to be caught by the law.

*LASBCA* has shown that they and the government need the people to succeed in their task just as the people need the government too.

It’s good to always engage with the people and this is good leadership as shown by the *GM LASBCA.*

I wish all other agencies of the government from local, state and federal will emulate *LASBCA* to engage with the people to be informed and enlightened as well.

Thank you.

Esther Ogechi
Esther Ogechi
1 month ago

This is indeed an eye opener!
And to think that some of us have no idea about these things, whilst others just do not pay attention to these obvious things that are right under our noses…. I love this initiative.
Thank you Environmental Lagos!

Last edited 1 month ago by Esther Ogechi
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