ELP Visits – General Manager, Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency

Back to the basis and consumers are kings

Sunday evening, spotted a post on social media on a consumer dissatisfaction. Spirits stirred, felt something must be done, went clandestine…

End result? A supermarket selling expired products was sealed.

This amongst many made Lagosians prick their ears, there is a man called Afolabi Solebo and an agency called LASCOPA, and they are weighing in heavily on the side of good.
This was circa 2022.

Before then, the story of LASCOPA started when it was a unit in the Tinubu’s administration; in 2000.
It was part of a cluster dedicated to serving the people; without charges.

Afolabi Solebo joined the unit in 2001, went to serve around the Service, and by 2020 was brought back into the unit-now-turned-agency.

It was back to the basis.

For a man that has passion for righting ills, he found a dedicated team in his staff at LASCOPA; matching his passion and breathing; consumers are kings.

In a system where exploitation is rife, the activities of LASCOPA are a breath of fresh air, and ELP had to pay an appreciation visit for the commendable works.

LASCOPA has been at multiple fronts (transportation, electricity, banking, FMCGs, household appliances, etc); ensuring value is given for purchases made and services rendered.

Gradually, cheats and exploiters are becoming aware of good neighbourliness ethics and the essence of the THEMES agenda of the Sanwo-Olu’s administration; which has a thriving balanced Environment (devoid of poisoned citizens and defective/harmful products) as part of its core.

Despite a positive case-resolution percentage notching about 94%, LASCOPA is not resting on its oars.
There are constant efforts to make things better.

One of these is the expansion plan to be in all LGAs/LCDAs, in order to be closer to the people (reducing travel time and expenses).

There are continuous collaborations with sister agencies, in-depth research and case evaluation in order to improve laws and regulations backing the agency.
All to serve Lagosians; more efficiently.

Just as investigation is key to LASCOPA’s work, engagement is germane. This made the General Manager commend Environmental Lagos Platform on their activities and for the visit.

ELP promised to help ramp up awareness, because many Lagosians are still in disbelief about an agency that can recoup your 5,000 Naira (just as they can get you a replacement of a gadget worth millions); when you would normally think all is lost

In the spirit of shared passion and for leading gallantly, on behalf of the agency, the GM received the ELP drape, and in return, they gave ELP a pillow (one to cushion our back and brace us for more work in making Lagos better)

It was all smiles and renewed fervour when ELP left.

Afolabi Solebo, Esq. and LASCOPA, may your ilk increase as we make Lagos better…

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Esther Ogechi
Esther Ogechi
1 month ago

Well done and thank you to Mr Afolabi Solebo (Esq.), LASCOPA and the Environmental Lagos Platform… More grease to your elbows!

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